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Criminal Background Checks

We offer a full suite of Criminal Background Checks to cover every type of applicant. Clear Negative National Alias & Sex Offender Checks process instantly.  Choose from National Alias & Sex Offender, County and/or Federal Background Checks.

Drug Screening

With most workplaces having anti-drug policies in place you can make sure your applicants are qualified by utilizing our instant 10-Panel Drug Test, DOT 10-Panel Drug Test or DOT Physicals. Get Instant Negative Results!

Motor Vehicle Reports

For jobs that require driving of company vehicles, check applicants motor vehicle report history for DUIs and other serious traffic violations in all 50 States. For commercial vehicles get a CDLIS report to make sure licensing is current and without incidents.  Most process instantly and all process quickly.

Beat Your Competition!  

By understanding the needs of our clients we make sure you succeed and in turn that helps us to succeed – now that’s a win-win.

The same is true for your candidates and your clients. Empowering your candidates with more ways for them to complete a background check faster allows for faster placement, more placements and more money! 

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Connect With Your Applicants

We understand the challenges of communicating with today’s applicants. Today’s applicants are paperless, mobile friendly and text savy. Engage your applicants by computer, tablet or 100% by smartphone – it’s your choice!

Text Check/Email Check

Send background check requests directly from your dashboard to the applicants phone, email or both.  Their phone notification dings, they touch the link request and complete the check ANY time ANY where 24x7x365 on ANY device.

Web Check

Direct all applicants to your own password protected WebCheck Portal website page to complete their check ANY time 24x7x365 ANY where on ANY device.

Client Tracking

Assign unique Identifiers to any TextCheck, EmailCheck or WebCheck order. This allows you to track your background checks by locations, clients, groups, districts – basically any custom ID you can come up with!

WE do the heavy lifting!

We will create a custom WebCheck Portal webpage for you – free!


Password Protected with SSL Encryption

How It Works

Sign Up

Create your free Staff Check Background Check Account in minutes.

Unique Links

We create background check links specific to your company.

Free Web Page

We design and build your free password protected WebCheck Portal website page.

Your WebCheck Portal Page Can Include

  • Different Background Check Links
  • Your Comapany specific Links
  • Any other content or information you want to share



What You Get

We will work with you to create your unique WebCheck Portal website page to keep your background check links and any other company information on one page. Direct your applicants to your landing page and let them do the legwork while you wait for the results!


No matter what industry you serve, we can help

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Criminal Confirmation

CRIMINAL CONFIRMATION is included in each search and ensures ALL criminal records reported are validated and authenticated for accuracy at the time the applicant’s report is delivered to you. Relying on unvalidated or unconfirmed criminal records from other background check companies greatly increases your chances of disqualifying valid candidates due to inaccurately reported or outdated records that may have been reversed, expunged, removed or are simply wrong. With CRIMINAL CONFIRMATION you can rest assured that any criminal record reported to you has been reviewed and confirmed accurate by one of our highly trained investigators or researchers.

FCRA Compliant

All products are checked and reported per FCRA guidelines to ensure 100% compliance. Any records found are verified at the county level via Criminal Confirmation to ensure maximum possible accuracy.

Electronic Signatures

Do you have company specific documents that need signing. No problem. Have the applicant sign any document at the same time they sign the background check release. Our electronic consent platform captures their signature on documents via a computer, tablet or smart phone. All documents are encrypted and backed up securely for complete paperless retention and remote access anytime.


Get notified of all ‘hits’ or ‘records’ immediately by email. Sort, filter, archive your entire applicant database from within your account or export to a CSV file. Easily track applicants by position, clients or any custom name by utilizing identifiers. Set reminders to recheck applicants, manage invoices, mask PI information, add multiple account users – customization has never been easier.

Applicant Access

Our latest industry leading Applicant Access portal has received rave reviews from clients and applicants alike. The applicant can view the status of their background check and can view or download a PDF copy of their report on any device. Additionally, they can communicate with us directly if they find an issue or have a concern with anything reported. Our clients have found this results in a much more informed and happier candidate.

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